Anti-Lock Brake System... 
Stops You Quickly And Effectively

The Anti-lock Brake System controls the wheel for you. You now have plenty of time to keep your car steerable at your own pace.

It's safe and effective. You'll get to stop at the exact spot where it deems fit. No more injuries at this point. And, no further damage to any properties.

That's because you kept it well in control.

You didn't hit the tree or someone. Heck, you didn't even hit the next car or truck right in front of you. And above all, you're completely safe.

Three things usually happen when you suddenly step on the brakes without the Anti-lock Brake System...

  • The brake locks the wheel
  • The vehicle in question skids.
  • Losing control of it

The greatest fact is, you never know when you'll get to stop. Whether in the next few seconds, minutes or hour, you won't know for sure.

Until you'll know what to do, you need precaution. Vehicle repairs usually take up some energy, time and great amount of money. You can't afford to lose any of those. 

Do you have control over your wheel? Casualties can be so devastating that it will throw you around without warnings. It causes lots of pains, even truamas, which you're willing to avoid, right?

Here's another point to ponder.

That vehicle coming behind you, does it have the same active braking system in place? It's hard to know for sure. If it has it, better. But if it doesn't, that won't be nice.

You need to avoid losses, right before they come. I'll help you avoid them which is what i'm doing. But first, slow down your scanning eyes.

It'll help keep you calm in the mist of sudden occurrences. When it comes up so fast, you won't be so close anywhere near it. So lets talk about it proper.

The Anti-lock Brake System

It will helps you evade dangerous obstacles within a very short time. It's now mandatory for every vehicles to have it on board. 

It works in the background which you can't quite see but you can learn what it does for you in a moment. This is a true life saver you can't resist. Or you risk your life and property.

What else does it do that you're not aware about?

It shortens your braking distance. Stopping a vehicle very quickly brings so much relief.

A bit of warning!

It doesn't mean you have to be reckless while driving. Most vehicles without The Anti-lock Brake System give uncontrollable moments. That's because The wheel usually locks, which give more room for skidding.

Part of its background work is to minimize every chance of locking the wheels. It does it real quick which stops your vehicle effectively.

What's more?

The wheel becomes steerable and stable. You don't have to stress yourself out before gaining its control. What a powerful system it has proven to be! It's so reliable.

The ABS regulates the wheel in milliseconds.

There isn't much energy in applying the brakes. Your mind and body works with it, which also determine the level of pressure you're willing to apply.

Each time you step on the brake, it's already begins its work.

It regulates according to your leg pressure.

You'll not only pass through those slippery surfaces with success, you'll overcome them in style. The idea is to help you stop quickly and effectively. So you don't have to lose your life in that process.

What it comprises

First, you need to understand the technology involved. It's called The Active Braking with Intelligence (AB-i). It works in perfect harmony with other systems to give you that needed stop.

Let's discuss them briefly.

Anti-Skid: Usually, wheels are expected to lock while braking. But not anymore! This simple technology minimises every chance of skidding.

There isn't any need for panic. What you'll get is confidence while braking. And plenty of it.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution: This also contributes to some degree of safety when applying the brakes.

What it does, is to distribute the brake force on individual wheels. Trust me! It does its work effectively with help from other systems which you can't figure out right now.

Brake Assist: This system is perfect. It will sense some brake force you've applied especially when the car is in top speed. It apply a bit of extra brake pressure to make your car stop just in time. 

Each systems contribute its part. If you notice anything that is quite different from the usual timely stop, then, you might want to review it.

There are tendencies where one system will wear out. It disturbs the smooth flow of the whole braking process.

Just know when to call in your preferred mechanic to do the replacement. 

Be warned. Change it on time before it affects other systems. Or you end up buying a complete Anti-lock Brake System for your car.

Averts More dangers

The Anti-lock Brake System keeps you out of the danger zone. You don't have to expect the worst. But you can keep the momentum going as quickly as possible.

As long as you have some driving experience under your belt, you have an edge. But, careful. Not everyone will make it through the road curve at full speed.

I'll advise you to slow down a bit and think for some minutes.

Of course, your driving style dictates how you use the brakes. However your style, use it to suit your driving purpose.

In connection with The Anti-lock Brake System.

Now let's examine these circumstances.

Full braking between 100 - 120 km/h.

This is usual on highways. It quite different from the streets and roads in the city where it takes between 40-80km/h.

With some distance not so close, full braking within that range is achievable. But it will take a bit of your mental energy.

That means you need to check...

  • Your ability to make split sec decisions
  • And take actions right away.
  • You need to be in charge of the situation

Before it consumes you.

At a curve - There are some places you've never been before. Probably because it's your first time. Or perhaps you've never come across some sharp, curvy roads. You need to take an extra precaution especially at night.

Curve roads or highways can easily take you off. What happens when you bump into it all of a sudden? 

Your mind usually tells you to hit the brake and it says "do it now!". Your response? "Yeah, sure!". Who wouldn't do that?

Slippery surfaces - During falls - winter and possibly rain - we have slippery surfaces all over. Active braking within this time is necessary. 

Your car won't solely rely on the ABS. It works with The Traction Control to stop real quick. 

Swerving - It's part of driving. It helps you evade some potential obstacles. It came all of a sudden that your right leg won't move to hit the brake.

What comes to mind is how you would evade the danger.

Braking? Or swerving? It doesn't matter which one comes first. What matters most is that you're using the right safety tech which is the Anti-lock Brake System. It gives so much of what you deserve. And much more.

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